Astronomical links

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www.iau.orgInternational Astronomical Union (IAU)
Publications Journal Nachrichten
www.astronomy.comAstronomy & Astrophysics Library (AAL)
www.astronomynow.comAstronomy Now Journal University Press in Physics Publications of Astronomical History & Heritage
www.larecherche.frLa Recherche
www.skypub.comSky & Telescope Formation Newsletter Group for the History of Astronomy
Abstracts Advance Physics Public Information Retrieval System
aladin.u-strasbg.frAladin Sky Atlas Catalogue Project of Galactic SN Remnants Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams Planets Encyclopedia
archive.stsci.eduHubble Space Telescope Data Archive
hpiers.obspm.frInternational Earth Rotation Service of Stellar Spectra Extragalactic DAtabase Planet Center
nedwww.ipac.caltech.eduNASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database Cluster Database Extragalactic Database Astronomy Data Center
Pictures Image Library Gallery for Earth & Planetary Studies
Digital Archive of Historical Astronomy Pictures
heritage.stsci.eduHubble Heritage Project Space Telescope - pictures Space Telescope Gallery Image/Information Archive Pages at SEDS
images.jsc.nasa.govNASA JSC Digital Image Collection Galaxy & Quasar Images
Software Software on Top of Linux Freeware Your Own Stellar Population
www.ftp.comFTP Software Inc
www.mathsource.wri.comMathematica Software Stellar Dynamics Toolbox
www.microcal.comOrigin (data analysis) Charts (free astronomy software)
SPECTRUM (Stellar Spectral Synthesis Program)
Statistical Software for Astronomy & for Related Fields Stellar Dynamics Toolbox
Tools for Document Preparation
www.w3.orgHyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
www.iconbazaar.comIcon Bazaar (gif collection)

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