Thursday, October 17

9:00 Opening ceremony


10:30 - 13:30 INVITED REVIEWS

Chairman: dr Z. Knezevic

10:30 - 11:10 Orlov V.V., Petrova A.V., Rubinov A.V.: Dynamics of multiple stars

11:10 - 11:50 Sehnal L.: Project MIMOSA

11:50 - 12:10 Coffee break

12:10 - 12:50 Adams F. C.: Star formation and the stellar initial mass function

12:50 - 13:30 Cirkovic M. M.: Duration of the stelliferous epoch


Chairman: prof. dr J. Milogradov-Turin

Zakharov A.: Gravitational microlensing and dark matter problem: results and perspectives (invited lecture)

Skuljan J.: Search for extra-solar planets (invited lecture)

Đuraševic G., Rovithis-Livaniou H., Rovithis P., Georgiades N., Erkapic S.: Gravity-darkening exponents in semi-detached binary systems from their photometric observations

Vince I., Ludmany A., Vince O.: The observed MnI 539.47 nm line profiles in the preceding sunspot of the NOAA 9563 active region

16:30 - 17:00 Coffee break


Chairman: prof. dr O. Atanackovic - Vukmanovic

Skuljan Lj., Cottrell P.: R Coronae Borealis stars (invited lecture)

Nikolic S.: Pre-protostellar and low-mass star forming clouds in Cepheus (Ph. D. thesis)

Nagl M.: On the disc and halo of the Milky Way through a study of star clusters (M. Sc. thesis)

Stanic N.: The line shape variation of the Hb profile and the structure of the emission region in active galactic nucleus Akn120 (M. Sc. thesis)

Friday, October 18


Chairman: dr G. Đuraševic

Kirilova D.P.: Neutrino oscillations and the early universe (invited lecture)

Grujic P.: A simple classical model of an accelerating fractal Cosmos

Cirkovic M. M.: The third way out of the anthropic coincidence quandary

Kovac K.: Cosmological structure formation and dark galaxies

Cirkovic M. M.: Anthropic - acausal approach to solution of the arrow of time puzzle

Nešic Lj.: Cosmological models in p-adic and adelic quantum mechanics (Ph. D. thesis)

11:00 - 11:30 Coffee break


Chairman: dr G. Popovic

Stajic D.: Astronomical navigation at the beginning of the 3rd millennium

Odalovic O., Gucevic J., Ogrizovic V., Aleksic I.: Analysis of vertical deflection differences obtained by astro-geodetic and gravimetric methods

Ratkaj Z., Tomic A., Koruga Đ.: Microgravity changes on the Earth surface

Cvetkovic Z.: Longitude network and celestial reference frame (Ph. D. thesis)

Gerstbach G., Pichler H.: A small CCD Zenith Camera (ZC-G1) - developed for rapid geoid monitoring in difficult projects


Chairman: prof. dr M. Kuzmanoski

Olevic D., Cvetkovic Z.: Statistical analysis of the fifth orbit catalogue for visual binaries from the aspect of the HIPPARCOS-satellite results

Popovic G. M., Pavlovic R.: Applying CCD camera ST-10ME for double stars measurements

Ivanova V., Shkodrov V., Apostolovska G., Protic-Benišek V.: Investigation of asteroids at the Bulgarian national observatory - results and perspectives

Protic-Benišek V.: PHEMU 03: New campaign of Galilean satellites observations

Đurišic Lj.: Deconvolution method in computer-based reduction of astronomical images

16:15 - 16:45 Coffee break


Chairman: prof. dr N. Pejovic

Kovacevic A., Kuzmanoski M.: Mass of (4)Vesta derived from gravitational perturbations on the motion of (5205) 1988 CU7

Kuzmanoski M., Kovacevic A.: Simultaneous determination of the masses of (1) Ceres and (4) Vesta from observations of (14) Irene

Knezevic Z., Tsiganis K., Varvoglis H.: Chaotic diffusion in the Veritas family region

Pavlovic R.: The conditions for application of the Nekhoroshev theorem to asteroids

Hedrih K.: On models of two bodies dynamics, constrained by standard hereditary or creep light element

18:00 - 19:00 POSTERS

20:00 Conference dinner

Saturday, October 19


Chairman: dr M. M. Cirkovic

Grujic P.: The concept of a hierarchical Cosmos (invited lecture)

Bozic N., Ninkovic S.: Ethnoastronomical researches on the area of Zavojsko lake (Pirot, Yugoslavia)

Francisty J.: Exact identification of the location in Vojvodina from which count L. F. Marsigli executed his quadrant measurements during June and July 1696 and the accuracy of these measurements

Jovanovic, B. D.: Astronomy in "Serbskij narodnij list" / "Serbian National Weekly"/

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee break


Chairman: dr S. Ninkovic

Milogradov-Turin J.: The Department of Astronomy of the University of Belgrade

Đordevic R., Cirkovic M.M.: Debates on the philosophy of science issues in Serbia in the beginning of the XX century

Đordevic R., Ninkovic S., Đokic M.: Petronijevic's papers in astronomy

Trajkovska V.: Reform of calendar: Maksim Trpkovic and Milutin Milankovic

Milogradov-Turin J., Đokic M.: National committee of astronomy of Yugoslavia

Šegan S., Knezevic Z., Mijajlovic Z., Valjarevic A., Simonovic A.: Astronomical observatory on the mountain Vidojevica

14:30 - 16:00 POSTERS

16:00 - 16:30 Coffee break

16:30 - 18:30 Assembly of the Society of Astronomers of Serbia
1. Report of the Managing board
2. Report of the Supervising board
3. Election of the new Managing board and the new Supervising board
4. Report of the National Committee
5. Election of the new National Committee

18:30 Closing the Conference

Sunday, October 20

7:00 - 21:00 Excursion to mountain Vidojevica and to the new Astronomical observatory site


Petrovic J., Angelov T.: Rotation and opacity of the zero-age main sequence stars

Petrovic J., Langer N.: Progenitor models of Wolf-Rayet binaries: short period WNE+O binaries with mass ratios ~ 0.5

Stanimirovic S., Chomiuk L., Salter C., Uroševic D.: A possible interaction between SNR G42.8+0.6 and a molecular cloud

Stankovic M., Tešic Lj., Uroševic D.: L-D dependence for supernova remnants

Markovic S., Erkapic S., Jankov S.: Linear optical polarization of the star z Tau

Vince O., Vince I.: The influence of stellar effective temperature on the MnI 539.47 nm line parameters

Erkapic S., Vince I., Atanackovic-Vukmanovic O.: A program for solving multi-level NLTE radiative transfer problems

Latkovic O., Ceki A., Vince I.: An interactive spectrum synthesizer (ISS)

Đenize S., Milosavljevic V., Dimitrijevic M. S.: Transition probabilities in KrIII spectrum, of interest for high resolution stellar spectra analysis

Dimitrijevic M. S., Đenize S., Milosavljevic V.: Transition probabilities in the KrII spectrum

Dimitrijevic M.S., Jovanovic P.: Stark broadening of neutral germanium spectral lines in astrophysical plasma

Dimitrijevic M.S., Dacic M., Cvetkovic Z., Sahal-Brechot S.: Influence of Stark broadening within Be III spectral series

Simic Z., Dimitrijevic M. S., Popovic L. C.: Stark broadening of F III lines in stellar plasma

Sreckovic A., Đenize S., Bukvic S.: Stark shifts in the S III spectrum

Dimitrijevic M. S., Popovic L. C., Bon E., Bajceta V., Jovanovic P., Milovanovic N.: Database BELDATA, present state and plans for future development

Popovic L.C., Jovanovic P., Mediavilla E.G.: Spectral line profile of active galactic nuclei and microlensing effect

Popovic L.C., Kubicela A., Jovanovic, P., Mediavilla E.G., Bon E., Stanic N.: Kinematical and physical properties of NGC 3516 active nucleus

Cirkovic M. M.: Predictability vs. randomness in cosmology

Milutinovic N., Kovac K., Cirkovic M. M.: Cosmological constant and the Ly-alpha forest statistics

Gajic D., Milic B. S., Novakovic N.: Kinetic theory of QPESIC waves in isothermal ionospheric plasmas with resonant negative ions

Mitic M.: Sq variations and ionospheric dynamo effect

Jovanovic B. D.: Solar activity influence to precipitation, IV
Bozic N.: Total solar eclipse observed on August 11th 1999 from Kelebija (Yugoslavia)

Benišek V., Vince I., Vince O.: Determination of some instrumental characteristics of the Belgrade solar spectrograph

Andriyenko O.: Current status and prospects of the horizontal solar telescope ATsU-26 at peak Terskol

Andriyenko O.: Investigation of seeing conditions at peak Terskol

Valjarevic A.: Climate characteristics of the Toplica district

Grnja J.: On the use of Philips ToUCam Pro web CCD camera on imaginig

Gerstbach G.: Mars channel observations 1877-90, compared with modern orbiter data

Tomic A., Koruga Đ.: Solar system determined by golden mean law

Tomic A., Ratkaj Z., Ivetic M.: Tidal action on the Earth surface - new approach

Koruga Đ., Tomic A., Ivetic M.: Biological aspect of micro-gravity influence on the Earth surface and in cosmos

Koruga Đ., Tomic A.: The Earth's cosmic string and its possible importance for biophysics

Dragicevic I., Cirkovic M. M.: Are biological and astrophysical timescales truly uncorrelated?

Sadzakov S.: Formation of reference coordinate system by applying new observational techniques

Damljanovic G., Gerstbach G., De Biasi M. S., Pejovic N.: CCD technic for longitude/latitude astronomy

Protic-Benišek V.: Structure and content of the Belgrade plate archive

Hedrih K.: Reviews of the two international symposia on classical and celestial mechanics

Babovic Lj.: Lepenski vir - sacral calendar of the solar deity

Ducic V., Petrovic R.: Possible astronomical meaning of the Povlen ball

Mijatovic V., Ninkovic S., Vemic D.: Astral motifs on late medieval funerary monuments

Jovanovic B. D.: Review ofthe book "Timekeeping by means of sundials" by Milan Nedeljkovic

Jovanovic B. D.: On the datum of Jovan (Julijan) Cokor's death

Milogradov-Turin J.: Astronomy education in Yugoslavia 1999-2002.

Bozic N.: The Department of Astronomy of Research Society "Vladimir Mandic - Manda" from Valjevo in period from 1996 to 2002

Zorkic A.: Astronomy on the Internet: Yugoslav experience