Internet presentation of the Department of Astronomy

   The first presentation of the Department of Astronomy was made by professor Stevo Šegan in the 1998. It was a part of the CD ROM published for the 125. anniversery of the Belgrade Faculty of Mathematics. The presentation was the first step in the project of making the wider Internet presentation of the Department.
   Having in mind the possibilities of the Internet we envisaged three basic aims: to present the structure and activities of the Department, to inform the teaching staff and students about actual happenings in the Department and to enable the Internet contact with the Department.
   Though many visual solutions from the first presentation have been included into the new one, a completely new structure of data was created and the content has been broadened and partly changed. Quite simple technics enabled by the basic HTML code were used.
   Characteristic traits of the present-day technology and Internet are fast development and permanetnt changes. Consequently, an exigent Internet presentation cannot ever be considered "definite" because it has to adapt to the ever-changing conditions. The future work on this presentation has two levels: compleeting the data and enabling the staff to mainttain it, and opening new branches of presentation according to the needs as well as adapting it according to the exigencies and possibilities of the forthcoming softwares.  (Nikola Vitas)

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