The Program of Lectures. Profession: Graduated Astrophysicist,
VII Semester 2+2, VIII Semester 2+2

INTRODUCTION. Subject, Methods and Problems in Theoretical Studies of Cosmic Plasma.

THE RADIATION THEORY AND ITS APPLICATION TO THE STELLAR PHOTOSPHERES AND ATMOSPHERES. Stellar Photospheres. Basic Notions and Laws. Equation of Transfer and Radiative Equilibrium. Continuous Absorption and Emission. Absorption Coefficients. Boltzmann and Saha Formulae. Negative Hydrogen Ion Absorption. Planck and Rosseland Mean Absorption Coefficient.. Hypothesis of Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium (LTE). Methods of Integration of the Equation of Transfer. Legitimacy of Approximations. Specific Problems of Photosphere Theory. Photospheric Models. Hot Star Model. Cold Star Model. Stellar atmospheres. Chemical Composition and Physical Conditions in Stellar Atmospheres. Departure from LTE. Line Spectrum. The Profile of Lines and Basic Elements for Their Definition. Line Formation Mechanisms for Two-Level Atoms. Stimulated Emission. Absorption Coefficient in Spectral Lines. Causes of Spectral Line Broadening and Shifting. Atomic Thermal Motion and Turbulence. The Influence of Collisions (Stark Effect). The Influence of Stellar Rotation. Gravitational Red Shift. Magnetic Field Influence. Equation of Transfer for Spectral Lines and its Solution. Curves of Growth.

COSMIC ELECTRODYNAMICS. The Orbit Theory in Cosmic Plasma. Basic Equations and Conservation Laws. Magnetic Fields in Cosmic Conditions. The Zeroth Order Drift and the First Order Drift. Magnetic Mirrors. Charge Accelerating Mechanisms. Thermal and Nonthermal Mechanisms of Plasma Radiation. Cyclotron Radiation. Synchrotron Radiation. Plasma As a Fluid. Fundamental Characteristics of Plasma. Magneto-Hydrodynamics (MHD) and its Application to Cosmic Plasma. Basic Equations. Lundquist System. Two- Component Model. Criteria for Application of MHD Approximation. Magnetic Pressure in Plasma. The Alfven Theorem and its Consequences. Diffusion of Magnetic Field. "Frozen" magnetic field. Convection in Viscous Fluid.

WAVES IN COSMIC PLASMA. Origin and Characteristics of Oscillations and Waves in Stellar Plasma. Electrostatic Oscillations and Waves. Intrinsic Gravitational Waves. Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Waves. Alfven Waves. Magnetoacoustic waves. Shockwaves in Nonconductive Fluids without Magnetic Field. Shockwaves in Plasma With Magnetic Field. Electromagnetic Waves in Cosmic Plasma. The Influence of Collisions. The Dispersion Equation and Absorption of Electromagnetic Waves in Plasma. Spatial Dispersion. Transverse and Hall Conductivity. The Motion of Electromagnetic Waves through Nonhomogeneous Plasma when there are Collisions and Magnetic Field.

EXERCISES. Theoretical and Computational Problems.

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