The beginning of higher university-like education in Serbia can be traced down to 1838, when the "Licej" was founded in Kragujevac. The "Licej" was separated from the "Gimnazija" in 1839 and transferred to Belgrade in 1841. Judging by the content of the textbooks, elements of astronomy were lectured at the "Licej". The traces of "physical" astronomy in its curricula can be found in the academic year 1854/55. The law of 1863, regulating the transformation of the "Licej" into the Grand School (a forerunner of the University), did not include teaching astronomy...


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Bojan Arbutina Bojan Arbutina Dragana Ilić Dragana Ilić Bojan Novaković Bojan Novaković Dušan Onić Dušan Onić Dušan Marčeta Dušan Marčeta Viktor Radović Viktor Radović Dejan Urošević Dejan Urošević Vladimir Zeković Vladimir Zeković Vladimir Đošović Vladimir Đošović Anđelka Kovačević Anđelka Kovačević Olga Atanacković Olga Atanacković Stanislav Milošević Stanislav Milošević Dušan Vukadinović Dušan Vukadinović Aleksandra Ćiprijanović Aleksandra Ćiprijanović Above, to the right: Dragana Ilić, Aleksandra Ćiprijanović, Dušan Vukadinović, Stanislav Milošević, Anđelka Kovačević, Olga Atanacković, Vladimir Đošović, Vladimir Zeković and Dejan Urošević. Below, to the right: Viktor Radović, Dušan Marčeta, Dušan Onić, Bojan Novaković and Bojan Arbutina. Photography taken on the occasion of 170th staff meeting of the Department of Astronomy on September 13, 2019.

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Serbian Astronomical Journal is published semiannually (in June and December) by the Astronomical Observatory Belgrade and Department of Astronomy, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade. The journal is the successor of the Bulletin Astronomique de Belgrade (1992–1998) founded by merging of the Bulletin de l'Observatoire Astronomique de Belgrade (1936–1991) and Publications of the Department of Astronomy (1969–1990). Under the present title it has been published since 1998.




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