Philosophiæ doctores

Dissertation (in Serbian)DateCommittee
Brkić Zaharije Analysis of passage instrument and other systematic errors effects on determination of time 26/09/1958 dr Vojislav Miškovic (acad), dr Konstantin Voronjec, dr Tatomir Andelic (prof)
Mitić Ljubiša Astronomical pendulums co-oscillations and their effect on the determination of time 01/07/1959 dr Vojislav Miškovic (prof), dr Tatomir Andelic (prof), dr Danilo Raškovic (prof).
Ševarlić Branislav Contribution to determination of variations in Belgrade's latitude 02/07/1960 dr Zaharije Brkic (, dr Marjan Cadež (, dr Dobrivoje Mihajlovic (, dr Ivan Atanasijevic (
Oskanjan Vasilije Variable stars of UV Ceti type 17/06/1961 dr Branislav Ševarlic (prof), dr Franjo Dominko (, dr Zaharije Brkic (, dr Ivan Atanasijevic (
Simovljević Jovan Kepler motion vector elements generalization 27/11/1963 dr Vojislav Miškovic (prof), dr Radivoje Kašanin (prof), dr Tatomir Andelic (prof)
Lazović Jovan Important characteristics of quasi-coplanar planetoids motion 20/04/1964 dr Vojislav Miškovic (prof), dr Radivoje Kašanin (prof), dr Tatomir Andelic (prof)
Teleki Ðorđe Contribution to astronomical refraction determination and its anomalies based on aerological measurements performed in Belgrade 30/12/1964 dr Branislav Ševarlic (prof), dr Marjan Cadež (prof), dr Zaharije Brkic (
Kubičela Aleksandar A spectrographic approach to kinematics of supergranular motion 05/11/1973 dr Mirjana Vukicevic-Karabin ( dr Vaclav Bumba (acad) dr Vladis Vujnovic (res.assoc)
Ðurović Dragutin Contribution to determination of Earth-rotation variations and polar motion 02/04/1974 dr Paul Melchior (prof), dr Zaharije Brkic (prof), dr Branislav Ševarlic (prof), dr Ðorde Teleki (
Sadžakov Sofija Investigation of the systematic Δδα errors in latitude observations of various observatories by their comparison with Belgrade General Catalogue of Latitude Stars and the photographic catalogue AGK3 26/12/1977 dr Mitropan Stepanovic Zverjev, dr Andrej Antonovic Nemiro, dr Branislav Ševarlic (prof), dr Dragutin Ðurovic (
Kuzmanoski Mike Contribution to the investigation of the planetoid ring structure 26/12/1980 dr Božidar Popovic (prof), dr Jovan Simovljevic (prof), dr Jovan Lazovic (
Angelov Trajko Contribution to the theory of stellar envelopes 27/02/1981 dr Mirjana Vukicevic-Karabin (, dr Ilija Lukacevic (, dr Aleksandar Kubicela (s.r.assoc)
Ninković Slobodan Contribution to the study of the structure and dynamics of galactic halo 18/05/1982 dr A.D.Cernin, dr Mirjana Vukicevic- Karabin (, dr Trajko Angelov (
Milogradov-Turin Jelena A survey of the radio background at 38 MHz and the galactic spectral index 10/12/1982 dr Mirjana Vukicevic-Karabin (, dr M.Rakic (, dr Trajko Angelov (
Vince Ištvan Investigation of the collisional processes influences on limb effect 20/06/1986 dr Milan Dimitrijevic (s.r.assoc), dr Mirjana Vukicevic-Karabin (prof), dr Aleksandar Kubicela (s.r.assoc).
Šegan Stevo Contribution to the study of motion of the Earth's artificial satellites in high atmosphere 02/09/1987 dr Ladislav Sehnal (, dr Jovan Lazovic (prof), dr Mirjana Vukicevic-Karabin (prof)
Ðurašević Gojko Contribution to the investigation of close binaries based on photometric measurements 20/10/1988 dr A.M.Cerepašcuk, dr Trajko Angelov (, dr Mirjana Vukicevic-Karabin (prof)
Pejović Nadežda Global atmospheric circulation and Earth's rotation 02/02/1989 dr Jan Vondrak (, dr Dragutin Ðurovic (prof), dr Jovan Simovljevic (prof), dr Mike Kuzmanoski (
Knežević Zoran Proper elements of the minor planets as parameters for classification into families 23/06/1989 dr Božidar Popovic (, dr Jovan Simovljevic (prof), dr Mike Kuzmanoski (
Atanacković-Vukmanović Olga Contribution to the solution of radiative transfer problem in stellar atmospheres 07/10/1991 dr Mirjana Vukicevic-Karabin (prof), dr Trajko Angelov (, dr Ištvan Vince (s.r.assoc)
Popović Georgije One approach for simultaneous detection of stellar clusters with the radiant/i> 03/06/1993 dr Jelena Milogradov-Turin (, dr Trajko Angelov (, dr Slobodan Ninkovic (s.r.assoc)
Popović Luka Stark broadening of heavy ion spectral lines in spectra of hot stars 11/04/1994 dr Milan Dimitrijevic (, dr Mirjana Vukicevic-Karabin (prof), dr Stevan Ðeniže (prof)
Ćatović Zlatko Symplectic Integrators and Their Use in Celestial Mechanics 18/07/1997 dr Jovan Lazović (prof), dr Dragomir Simeunović (prof), dr Mike Kuzmanoski (
Urošević Dejan Σ-D Relation as Indicator of Radio Loops Origin 25/01/2001 dr Jelena Milogradov-Turin (, dr Trajko Angelov (prof.), dr Olga Atanacković-Vukmanović (, dr Nebojša Đurić (prof.)
Nikolić Silvana Molecular Clouds in the Cepheus Region 22/11/2001 dr Ištvan Vince (, dr Olga Atanacković-Vukmanović (, dr Trajko Angelov (prof.), dr Jelena Milogradov-Turin (
Kovačević Anđelka Gravitational Influence of Asteroids and Determination of Their Masses 20/07/2005 dr Mike Kuzmanoski (prof), dr Zoran Knežević (, dr Slobodan Ninković (
Jovanović Predrag Gravitational Microlensing Influence on X-Ray Radiation from Accretion Disk of Active Galaxies 06/12/2005 dr Trajko Angelov (prof), dr Ilija Lukačević (prof), dr Luka Popović (
Damljanović Goran Improvement of Accuracy of Proper Motions of Hipparcos Catalogue Stars Using Optical Latitude Observations 11/05/2007 dr Nadežda Pejović (, dr Jan Vondrak, dr Stevo Šegan (
Pavlović Rade Fulfilment of the Conditions for the Application of the Nekhoroshev Theorem to the Asteroid Belt 28/03/2008 dr Mike Kuzmanoski (prof), dr Zoran Knežević (, dr Slobodan Ninković (
Simić Zoran Influence of Collisions with Charged Particles on Heavy Metal Spectral Line Profiles in Spectra of A Stars and White Dwarfs 15/07/2008 dr Anđelka Kovačević (, dr Milan Dimitrijević (, dr Luka Popović (
Ilić Dragana Plasma Diagnostics in the Broad Line Region of Active Galaxies Using Emission Lines 27/10/2008 dr Dejan Urošević (, dr Luka Popović (, dr Piero Rafanelli, dr Stefano Ciroi
Arbutina Bojan The Minimum Mass Ratio for Contact Close Binary Systems of W Ursae Majoris-type 26/06/2009 dr Olga Atanacković (, dr Trajko Angelov (prof), dr Gojko Đurašević (
Borka Jovanović Vesna Spectra of Radio Loops 22/12/2009 dr Dejan Urošević (, dr Dragana Ilić (, dr Tijana Prodanović (
Bon Edi The Hidden Emission of Accretion Disk in the Broad Line Region of Active Galactic Nuclei 17/03/2010 dr Olga Atanacković (, dr Luka Popović (, dr Dejan Urošević (
Vince Oliver Dust and Dust-attenuation Law in Spiral Galaxies 28/05/2010 dr Dragana Ilić (, dr Srđan Samurović (res.assoc), dr Slobodan Ninković (
Kuzmanovska-Barandovska Olgica The Use of Iteration Factors Method in the Solution of Multilevel Radiative Transfer Problems in Stellar Atmospheres 01/06/2010 dr Olga Atanacković (, dr Trajko Angelov (prof), dr Ištvan Vince (
Vukotić Branislav Galactic Habitable Zone and Astrobiological Complexity 30/12/2010 dr Milan Ćirković (, dr Anđelka Kovačević (, dr Slobodan Ninković (
Kovačević Jelena The Relationships Between Spectral Properties of Active Galactic Nuclei Type 1 28/11/2011 dr Dragana Ilić (, dr Luka Popović (, dr Milan Dimitrijević (
Novaković Bojan Asteroid Families in the Asteroid Belt: Classification, Membership and Ages 27/12/2011 dr Mike Kuzmanoski (prof), dr Zoran Knežević (, dr Rade Pavlović (res.assoc)
Todorović Nataša Steepness in the Light of Nekhoroshev Theorem and its Numerical Aspects in the Example of 4-Dimensional Symplectic Map 17/05/2012 dr Mike Kuzmanoski (prof), dr Rade Pavlović (res.assoc), dr Zoran Knežević (
Stalevski Marko Investigating the Structure of Active Galactic Nuclei: The Dusty Torus 12/11/2012 dr Dragana Ilić (, dr Luka Popović (, dr Predrag Jovanović (s.r.assoc), dr Maarten Baes (prof), dr Freddy Callens (prof), dr Sven de Rijcke (prof)
Milisavljević Slaviša Distance Function of Minor Planets and Proximity Calculation 01/03/2013 dr Stevo Šegan (, dr Mike Kuzmanoski (prof), dr Zoran Knežević (
Onić Dušan Thermal Radiation of Supernova Remnants in Radio Domain 08/07/2013 dr Dejan Urošević (, dr Bojan Arbutina (, dr Branislav Vukotić (res.assoc)
Čeki Atila Improvements to the Model of Close Binaries in Accordance with Results from High Precision Observations 17/12/2013 dr Olga Atanacković (, dr Gojko Đurašević (, dr Ištvan Vince (
Latković Olivera Modeling of Stellar Oscillations in Close Binary Systems 17/12/2013 dr Olga Atanacković (, dr Gojko Đurašević (, dr Ištvan Vince (
Jovanović Bora Determination of the Difference between Dynamical and Universal Time and Predictions of variations in the Earth's Rotation 11/03/2014 dr Stevo Šegan (, dr Nadežda Pejović (prof), dr Zoran Knežević (
Milić Ivan Acceleration of Methods for Multidimensional Polarized Radiative Transfer and Their Application 24/10/2014 dr Olga Atanacković (prof), dr Marianne Faurobert (prof), dr Jiří Štěpán (s.r.assoc)
Marčeta Dušan Possibilities and Optimization of Landing on the Southern Hemisphere of Mars 14/10/2015 dr Stevo Šegan (, dr Boško Rašuo (prof), dr Zoran Knežević (
Lalović Ana Spectroscopic and photometric analysis of nearby galaxies of different morphological types 14/07/2016 dr Dragana Ilić (, dr Srdjan Samurović (s.r.assoc), dr Slobodan Ninković (
Martinović Mihailo A study of quasi-thermal noise and shot noise in space plasmas 26/10/2016 dr Milan Maksimović, dr Arnaud Zaslavsky, dr Stevo Šegan (, dr Jagoš Purić (prof.em), dr Dušan Jovanović (, dr Christephe Sauty, dr Hervé Lamy, dr Adolfo Figueroa Vinas
Ćiprijanović Aleksandra Contributions of galaxies and galaxy clusters to the diffuse gama-ray background 06/12/2016 dr Tijana Prodanović (s.r.assoc), dr Dejan Urošević (prof), dr Bojan Arbutina (
Vučetić Milica Optical supernova remnants and their influence on star formation rates derived from Hα emission 15/06/2017 dr Bojan Arbutina (, dr Dejan Urošević (prof), dr Milan Ćirković (
Smole Majda Supermassive black hole formation and role of galaxy mergers in their evolution 13/07/2017 dr Miroslav Mićić (res.assoc), dr Branislav Vukotić (s.r.assoc), dr Dragana Ilić (, dr Bojan Novaković (
Martinović Nemanja Evolution of dwarf galaxies in the lower mass clusters of galaxies 22/09/2017 dr Miroslav Mićić (res.assoc), dr Branislav Vukotić (s.r.assoc), dr Dragana Ilić (
Radović Viktor Development of an algorithm for examination of the association of asteroids to families 27/09/2017 dr Bojan Novaković (, dr Zoran Knežević (acad), dr Dušan Marčeta (
Stojanović Milan Examination of elements of galactocentric orbits of the thin disk stars from Solar neighbourhood by varying potential of the Galaxy 28/09/2017 dr Slobodan Ninković (, dr Nadežda Pejović (prof), dr Rafael Cubarsi (, dr Bojan Novaković (
Milić Žitnik Ivana Numerical analysis of the dynamics of resonant asteroids under the influence of the Yarkovsky effect 20/02/2018 dr Bojan Novaković (, dr Zoran Knežević (acad), dr Rade Pavlović (s.r.assoc)
Pavlović Marko Modeling the radio-evolution of supernova remnants by using hydrodynamic simulations and non-linear diffusive shock acceleration 26/04/2018 dr Dejan Urošević (prof), dr Bojan Arbutina (, dr Branislav Vukotić (s.r.assoc), dr Dušan Onić (
Jurković Monika Determining physical parameters of type II cepheids 26/02/2019 dr Olivera Latković (res.assoc), dr Bojan Arbutina (, dr László Kiss (, dr Giuseppe Bono (prof)
Tsirvoulis Georgios Secular dynamics of selected asteroid families 22/05/2019 dr Bojan Novaković (, dr Anđelka Kovačević (, dr Zoran Knežević (acad), dr Kleomenis Tsiganis (
Savić Đorđe Measuring black hole masses in active galactic nuclei using the polarization of broad emission lines 11/12/2019 dr Luka Popović (, dr Dragana Ilić (, dr Marko Stalevski (res.assoc), dr Jean-Marie Hameury (, dr Damien Gratadour (, dr Catherine Boisson (
Zeković Vladimir The role of electromagnetic micro-instabilities in (re)formation of quasi-parallel collisionless shocks and acceleration of particles in cosmic plasma 29/01/2021 dr Bojan Arbutina (, dr Dejan Urošević (prof), dr Anatoly Spitkovsky (prof)
Jovanović Milena Determining the baryonic mass function for a sample of nearby galaxies 29/09/2021 dr Srđan Samurović (, dr Milan Ćirković (, dr Olga Atanacković (prof), dr Dejan Urošević (prof), dr Slobodan Ninković (
Mitrašinović Ana Galaxy flyby simulations and the role of the impact parameter in their evolution 29/09/2022 dr Miroslav Mićić (s.r.assoc), dr Branislav Vukotić (, dr Dragana Ilić (
Rakić Nemanja Modelling optical spectra of type 1 active galactic nuclei 29/09/2022 dr Dragana Ilić (, dr Luka Popović (prof), dr Jelena Kovačević-Dojčinović (s.r.assoc)
Pavlović Marina Influence of interactions of distant galaxies on their non-thermal radio-emission 18/11/2022 Supervisor: dr Tijana Prodanović (
Committee: dr Dragana Ilić (, dr Dejan Urošević (prof), dr Majda Smole (res.assoc)
Racković Babić Kristina In-situ dust detection using radio antennas of different spacecraft - space observations and modeling 07/12/2022 dr Karine Issautier (, dr Dušan Onić (, dr Laurence Rezeau (prof), dr Herve Lamy (, dr Marko Stalevski (s.r.assoc), dr Vladimir Zeković (res.assoc), dr Arnaud Zaslavsky (
Milošević Stanislav Numerical simulations of galaxy mergers and morphological substructures formation 30/09/2023 dr Miroslav Mićić (s.r.assoc), dr Branislav Vukotić (, dr Dragana Ilić (
Kostić Petar Hydrodynamic and radio synchrotron evolution of supernova remnants in non-uniform interstellar medium 22/12/2023 Supervisor: dr Branislav Vukotić (
Committee: dr Dejan Urošević (prof), dr Bojan Arbutina (, dr Dušan Onić (, dr Slađana Knežević (res.assoc)

Magistri scientiæ

M.Sc. ThesisDate
Sadžakov N. Sofija Behaviour of second levels in the field of horizontal temperature gradients 12/01/1968
Grujić A. Radomir Examining changes of Belgrade z-factor in various declination systems in correlation with atmospheric conditions 30/06/1970
Đurović M. Dragutin Application of different types of telescopes for astronomical determination of time 06/01/1971
Olević M. Dragomir Contribution to the statistical analysis of small planet motion elements 06/11/1971
Mijatov Milan Contribution to the study of bending of meridian instruments in daylight conditions 18/04/1972
Savić Branko A procedure for expansion of the planetary disturbance function 16/10/1972
Angelov D. Trajko Contribution to the study of model of homogeneous structure stars in hydrogen reaction stage 20/10/1972
Kuzmanoski S. Mike Determination of perturbated orbit of small planet 1952 UV1 28/04/1973
Ranzinger Pavla Dynamical processes in development of sunspot groups. 30/06/1973
Erceg M. Vera Testing Zeiss refractor 65/1055 cm lens at Belgrade Observatory 29/01/1974
Pakvor J. Ivan Testing rotary axle sleeve of the big passage instrument in Belgrade 19/03/1974
Popović M. Georgije First general overview and analysis of binary star measurements in Belgrade 1951.-1971. 18/04/1974
Zulević J. Danilo Contribution to statistical studies of component masses ratios influence on dynamic orbital elements (e, p, a) of visual binaries 18/12/1974
Knežević I. Zoran Determining theoretical distribution laws of orbital plane inclinations and orbit eccentricity angles of small planet orbits and testing changes of their empirical distributions 12/05/1976
Arsenijević A. Jelisaveta Radiation polarization of some late spectral type supergiants 24/02/1977
Ninković D. Slobodan Contribution to study of galactic radio halo 17/10/1978
Dačić D. Miodrag Large meridian circle system in Belgrade 25/12/1980
Šegan D. Stevo Determining right ascension corrections from observations with small passage instrument at Astronomical Observatory in Belgrade 22/12/1981
Vince I. Ištvan Changes of the Position of Telluric Linies in Solar Spectrum 13/03/1981
Protić-Benišek M. Vojislava The Problem of Determination of Solar Paralax from Mercury Transits 16/04/1982
Stajić Dušan Influence of Solar Activity on Earth's Rotation 16/09/1983
Đurašević R. Gojko A Contribution to the Study of Critical Surfaces of Close Binary Systems 16/11/1983
Pejović R. Nadežda A Contribution to the Study of Earth Poles 13/01/1984
Jankov S. Slobodan Restoration of Astronomical Spectrogram Using Biner Filtering Function in the Situations of the Lack of a Priori Information About the Object of Investigation 26/06/1986
Kršljanin M. Vladimir Stark Shift of Ion Lines in Hot Stars 14/11/1986
Atanacković M. Olga Analysis of Non-local Effects in nLTE Radiative Transfer 17/12/1986
Ćatović S. Zlatko Planetary Orbits in Rosen Bimetric Theory of Gravitation 25/12/1990
Stančić D. Zorica Analysis of the Most Recent Catalogues of Binary Stars 07/03/1991
Skuljan N. Jovan Contribution to Spectrophotometry of Solar Lines 16/09/1991
Pavlović M. Rade Contribution to the Light Curves Analysis of Active Binary Stars 15/10/1993
Jevremović M. Darko Analysis of IUE Spectra of Star μ Cephei 15/06/1994
Nikolić M. Silvana Differential Spectral Indices of Radio Loops Between 38 MHz, 408 MHz and 1420 MHz 26/12/1994
Erkapić R. Sanja Determination of Sensitivity of Fraunhofer Lines on the Change of Photospheric Conditions 19/01/1996
Urošević V. Dejan Geometry of Radio Loops 30/12/1996
Damljanović M. Goran Analysis of the Geographical Latitude Change of Belgrade in the Period 1949-1985 26/06/1997
Jovanović H. Bora An Approximate Representation of Ephemerids in Dynamical Astronomy 26/06/1997
Jovanović P. Predrag Solar Activity Influence on Earth Rotation 25/11/1999
Nagl G. Mirko On the Disc and Halo of the Milky Way Through a Study of Star Clusters 21/04/2000
Popović S. Nataša Kinematics of the Milky Way in the Solar Neighbourhood Based on a Model of Heliocentric Velocities 24/11/2000
Kovačević B. Anđelka Future Close Encounters Between Minor Planets and a Possibility For Determination of Their Masses 20/12/2000
Simić S. Saša Effects of Collisional Broadening of Astrophysically Significant Lines of Nd II in Stellar Atmospheres 27/03/2001
Marković-Kršljanin V. Snežana Polarization of Variable Stars Observed at Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade 29/03/2001
Samurović S. Srđan Rotation Curves of Spiral Galaxies and Massive Neutrinos 17/04/2001
Petrović I. Jelena The Influence of Rotation on the Structure of Zero Age Main Sequence Stars 25/06/2001
Milovanović D. Nenad A Contribution of Stark Broadening in the Interpretation of SR Stars Spectra 26/11/2001
Bon A. Edi Structure of the Emission Region in Active Galaxy III ZW 2 04/12/2001
Čuljić M. Aleksandar Influence of Chemical Composition on the Mass-Luminosity Relation 25/12/2001
Stanić M. Nataša Profile Changes of the Hβ Spectral Line and the Structure of Emission Region in Active Galaxy AKN 120 28/06/2002
Milisavljević Slaviša A Procedure For Determination of Proximities of Minor Planets 08/11/2002
Vince I. Oliver Determination of Temperature Sensitivity of MnI 539.47 nm Spectral Line Through the Spectroscopic Observations of Stars 24/05/2003
Simić J. Zoran Influence of Impacts with Charged Particles on Cd I and F III Spectral Lines in Stellar Plasma 14/05/2004
Kovač J. Katarina Dark Galaxies as Barion Reservoirs and the Origin of Quasars Absorption Lines 21/06/2004
Vitas D. Nikola Hyperfine Structure of Neutral Manganese Lines in Solar Spectrum 10/03/2005
Tomić S. Aleksandar Photographic Determination of Sunspots Motion and a Study of Differential Rotation of the Sun 01/06/2005
Kuzmanovska T. Olgica On the Transfer of Energy Through the Interior of Rotating Stars 06/06/2005
Borka V. Vesna Brightness of Radio Loops at 1420 MHz 11/10/2005
Ilić J. Dragana Kinematical and Physical Properties of the Central Emission Regions of Active Galaxy Mrk 817 20/12/2005
Arbutina R. Bojan Importance of Supernova Type for the Hydrodynamic and Radio Evolution of its Remnant 26/12/2005
Danilović M. Sanja Temporal Change of MnI 539.4 nm Line Parametars in Solar Spectrum 03/03/2006
Valjarević Aleksandar The Influence of an Average Stellar Mass Gradient on the Surface Brightness Profile of a Globular Cluster 22/12/2006
Vukotić M. Branislav Magnetic Field Evolution in Supernova Remnants 13/03/2007
Todorović J. Nataša Investigation of the Dynamical Structure and Diffusion in a System of Hamiltonian Type: 4-Dimensional Symplectic Map 22/03/2007
Gavrilović Ž. Nataša Emission Line Assimetry in Active Galaxies: Mrk 533 and Mrk 110 14/02/2008
Vidojević M. Sonja Analysis of Space Motion of Stars from ARIHIP Catalogue 26/03/2008
Šurlan B. Brankica Upgrading Aeronomical Models of Upper Planetary Atmosphere Using Total Density Model: Earth's Upper Atmosphere from NRLMSISE-00 to TD88Up 21/05/2008
Kovačević M. Jelena The Fe II, [O III] and C IV Emission Regions in Spectra of Active Galactic Nuclei 26/06/2008
Lalović S. Ana Lyman-alpha Forest at Medium and Low Redshift and Minihalo Model 30/12/2008
Novaković S. Bojan Local Change of Diffusion Coeficients and Determination of Asteroid Families Ages 24/03/2009
Ognjanović V. Ognjen Tension Analysis of Elements of Aero and Space Flight Constructions and Estimated Time To Their Initial Damage 12/07/2011

Masters of Science - New (Bologna) Statut

Master Thesis (in Serbian)Date
Glišović Petar Astronomical Measurers and a Function of Cepheid in the Determination of Astronomical Distances 04/09/2007
Zarić Dragoslav Application of Artificial Neural Network to the Classification of Stellar Spectra 14/07/2008
Milosavljević Milica Stabilnost organskih molekula u udarnim talasima u ranoj Sunčevoj maglini 15/12/2008
Samardžija Biljana Satellite Orbits and Dynamics of Gyroscopic Systems 22/09/2009
Jovanović Dragan Earth's Atmosphere and Space Debris 09/02/2010
Milić Ivana Correlations of Orbital Elements of Visual Binary Stars 05/03/2010
Jakšić Tatjana Parallelization and Programme Implementation of an Algorithm for Calculation of Gravitational Lenses Maps 25/03/2010
Lakićević Maša Radio Evolution of Supernova Remnant Cas A 26/03/2010
Nikolić Slađana Radio Evolution of Supernova Remnant SN 1006 14/09/2010
Pavlović Marko New Σ-D Relation for Galactic Supernova Remnants 28/09/2011
Ćiprijanović Aleksandra The Contribution of Structure Formation Cosmic Rays to the Gamma Rays Background 29/09/2011
Mišić Jovana The Chandrasekhar Mass for White Dwarfs in Close Binary Systems 04/10/2011
Zeković Vladimir Influence of High Eenergy Processes on MHD Waves Modulation During Solar Flares 04/07/2012
Simonović Aleksandar Hartmann and Shack–Hartmann Method in Examination of Astronomical Optics 25/07/2012
Tomić Sanja Variabilty of the Spectral Line Profiles in Galactic B Supergiants 03/08/2012
Smailagić Marijana Evolution of Lyman-alpha blobs 08/10/2012
Radović Viktor Determination of Coordinates of Visual Binary Stars by Applying Furier Transformations 09/10/2012
Pirković Irena Application of the Forth-and-back Implicit Lambda Iteration in the Radiative Transfer Problem for Non-stationary Medium 25/10/2012
Šinik Branka Application of Friedmann Equations in Analysis of Cosmological Constants 11/04/2013
Smole Majda Modeling of Growth of Supermassive Black Holes at Redshift z=7 30/09/2013
Obuljen Andrej Formation of Ultra-compact Dwarf Galaxies 30/09/2013
Jonić Sanja Determination of Black Holes Masses in Type 1 AGNs from Broad Emmision Lines Parameters 07/10/2014
Savić Đorđe Stability of Mass Transfer in Close Binary Systems with White Dwarfs as Components 07/10/2014
Mitrašinović Ana Influence of Dwarf Galaxy Close Encounter on the Morphology of a Spiral Galaxy 07/10/2014
Čorak Jelena Σ-D Analysis for Four Irregular Galaxies: NGC4449, NGC4214, NGC2366, NGC1569 13/10/2014
Meštrić Uroš Investigations of Structure and Morfology of Galaxies in a Sample from GAMA and SDSS Databases 28/09/2015
Milošević Stanislav Determinantion of Merger Parameters for M31 and a Dwarf Galaxy 02/10/2015
Marković Đorđe On the Probability of Collision of Intergalactic Meteors With Potentially Habitable Planets 14/09/2016
Jakovljević Vladimir Equivalence Principle in General Relativity 16/09/2016
Vujičić Dejan Use of a Sensor with Nine Degrees of Freedom for Determining Telescope's Position 27/09/2016
Todović Ana Age Determination of Asteroid Families by Modeling Yarkovsky Effect 29/09/2016
Trčka Ana Dynamical Relations for Isolated and Galaxies in Clusters from Illustris Simulation 29/09/2016
Šarković Vanja The Evolution of Isolated Galaxies - an Analysis of Illustris Simulation 18/09/2017
Avramov Branislav Structure of the Envelope of Supermassive Stars 19/09/2017
Velović Velibor Optical Detection of Emission Nebulae in the IC 1613 Galaxy 19/09/2017
Krivokapić Srećko A Numerical Study of Vortex Families in Two-dimensional Incompressible Fluid 20/09/2017
Đošović Vladimir Habitability of Planets in Trappist-1 system: Importance and the Role of Planetesimals 19/09/2018
Bešlić Ivana Dynamical Interaction of NGC 3109 Galaxy Association with the Local Group 27/09/2018
Vukadinović Dušan Formation and Polarization of MgI b Line in the Solar Spectrum 27/09/2018
Petković Vanja Influence of the Resolution of the Polyhedron Model of Gravitational Field on the Integration of Orbits Around an Irregular Shape Body 28/09/2018
Marić Nina Efficiency of the Planetesimals Transport through WASP-47 System 10/09/2019
Čvorović Hajdinjak Iva Models of Exoplanet Classification by Habitability Obtained by Machine Learning Methods 13/09/2019
Milanović Nikolina Shock Velocity in Non-radiative and Radiative Filaments of Cygnus Loop Supernova Remnant 27/09/2019
Kolčić Miljan The Possibility of Detection of Small Interstellar Objects While Passing through the Solar System 30/09/2019
Janješ Aleksandra Analysis of optical spectra of extremely variable active galactic nuclei 29/09/2020
Savić Sara Dynamics of formation of massive binary black holes in cosmological simulations 30/09/2022
Božilović Aleksandra Dusty winds in active galactic nuclei 28/09/2023
Žižak Teodora Correlations in planet parameters space and habitability of extrasolar planets 28/09/2023